Friendica Update Script for Installations via git repository
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Friendica Update Script for Installations via Github

A bash script for administrators of Friendica Communications Servers to update an existing installation via github. The script also allows to effortlessly switch branches, check version number, and update the database structure.


Copy script to system, place in suitable location mv /usr/local/bin/ and make it executable with chmod +x


Run -c to see current configuration and -e to alter it if needed.

User Permissions

This script requires superuser permission if the user who runs the git command differs from the user who runs the composer install. In practice, if the composer user is set to the user under which you logged on to your Friendica installation, you will not require superuser permission.

Usage [options]


  -u [branch]   override branch setting

  -B        update database structure
  -f        display Friendica versions
  -c        display script configuration
  -e        configure script
  -h        display this help and exit

Examples: or -u master